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Shrine precinct guide

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Audio Guides

Guide pen rental

Audio guides will become available from the 31st of January 2018. The audio guides will provide guidance for 20 places around the shrine precinct shown on the map. We encourage visitors to use the audio guides once they become available.

  1. Audio guides are available and provide guidance for the 20 places around the shrine precinct shown on the map. Please make use of these guides to find out more about the shrine.
  2. The guides are available at the shrine office reception.
  3. Rental fee: 500 yen per device. An additional deposit of 500 yen is also required which will be returned when the device is returned.
  4. Languages: English and Japanese
  5. Number of audio guides: 20
  6. Enquiries: ☎ 054-237–2438

For tourist guides and tour operators:
As there is a limited number of audio guides we do not accept advance bookings for groups. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Shrine precinct guide

Omotesando Ishidan  (Stone stairway to shrine) Ichinomon (Gate) Mon’eisho (Gatekeeper’s house) Roumon (Tower Gate) Shin-kyuu (Sacred Stable) Korou (Drum Tower) Go-juu-no-tou-ato (Five Story Pagoda Foundations) Kagura-den (Kagura Hall) Shinko (Depository for sacred objects) Hie Jinja (Hie Shrine) Haiden (Worship Hall) Byousho Sando (Path leading to shrine) Shinbyou (Shrine) Kuno Bairin  (Kuno Plum Grove) Ishidorii  (Stone torii gate)

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